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LCS Presence - Outlook, Sharepoint, etc.

Seeing a users presence with other Office applications such as Outlook and Sharepoint.

Quickly let me say that you need Exchange 2003 and Office 2003 for this functionality.
Also the biggest issue we see is customers who have different e-mail and sip-uri aliases. Sharepoint only supports a contact alias and it labels it e-mail. So if they are different you will never see presence information for that user.
834471 A Live Communications Server user's presence information does not appear

Problem Description
Contacts on a Windows Sharepoint Service page will not correctly reflect presence as shown in Windows Messenger 5.0 or Outlook 2003.
The quick answer to this is almost always that the SIP-URI and Email address are different. Either make them the same or enter two accounts in the Sharepoint site one with each address.

More Information
How does Outlook 2003 lookup presence information?
How does SharePoint lookup presence information?
Outlook is able to resolve SIP addresses via the proxyAddresses attribute in Active Directory (the contents of which are listed on the “Email Addresses” tab of the user object). If a user is mail or mailbox enabled prior to being enabled for LCS, the code which takes care of the LCS provisioning automatically adds a SIP address for the user on the “Email Addresses tab” (i.e. it adds a value to the proxyAddresses attribute of the user).

For example a user is created with a SIP URI of, and a primary SMTP address of which is different than the SIP URI.

So, for Outlook 2003: when Lori, for example, receives an email from User1, that email will show a FROM: address of, which is NOT the same as the SIP URI. Outlook, however, is smart enough to initiate a lookup of the proxyAddresses attribute thereby ‘resolving’ to the true SIP URI which is (it, in essence, asks, “What is the SIP URI for the user who has as one of their proxy addresses?”). From there, the correct request is made to the LCS server (“Show me presence for”), and Lori is able to view User1’s status.

SharePoint is not as forgiving in this functionality. SharePoint will only initiate a lookup for , the result in the above scenario effectively being that if Lori were trying to view User1’s presence information via a SharePoint webpart, she would be unable to do so since – again – the SIP address is different from the SMTP address and a query for would yield no data (or a negative response from the server).


This registry key is used to customize the new Person Name Smart Tag Menu which is currently not documented. The Person Name Smart Tag and its associated menu is a new feature in Office 11. The Person Name Smart Tag menu is highly customizable but requires further documentation for administrators.

The registry values determine how we treat retrieval of online status for people who are not on a user’s Messenger contact list.
· When the value is set to 0, we only receive status for people that are on the contact list; we do not request information about others.
· When the value is set to 1, we request status from Exchange IM service for people that are not necessarily in person’s contact list.
· When the value is set to 2, we request status from RTC service for people that are not necessarily in person’s contact list.

It is not possible to have this key set so that we request non-buddy status for both Exchange IM service and RTC IM service at the same time. Also note that .NET Messenger using passport accounts inherently disallow querying non-buddies for status.

They will NOT be able to see presence information in WSS for anyone who is not on their contact list unless
1 The QueryServiceForStatus registry key is set and
2 The SIP URI is identical to the SMTP e-mail address

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